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July 02, 2010


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Pastor Adam Barton

I agree that the media in general is always looking for ways to disprove our faith. We should'nt easily allow others to influence our beliefs. Thank you for sharing.

Mike, Akron Ohio


Pastor Adam Barton,

I've found that the media will word things to alarm people into reading their articles.

For example, I recently read on the front page of CNN's news "Harry Potter star is almost murdered by brother and father." (I'm paraphrasing)

With further investigation it was made clear it was a minor character I wasn't familiar with - not Daniel Radcliff or Ralph Fiennes. Sadly, the journalists knew if they would have printed the clearer truth, they wouldn't have received many hits, so they had to twist words. I mean, this may sound harsh, but she was no "star" of the "Harry Potter" movies. I had no idea who she even was.

However, when journalists use alarmism with Jesus, I find it the most despicable. But that is our society. You'd never see an article trying to disprove Buddha or Muhammed. It seems almost "cool" to disrespect Jesus. Sad.

Akron, Ohio

Images of Jesus

It is s shame taht so many look for a way to discredit the life and sacrifice of Jesus instead of valuing what he accomplished for us. *sigh*

Pastor Adam Barton

Images of Jesus,
Thank you for stopping by.
With appreciation,
Pastor Adam Barton
Akron, Ohio

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