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June 28, 2010


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Pastor Adam Barton,

Wow, thank you for all of the great information. I have heard some of this before, and I especially find the fact that the New Testament is overwhelmingly the best attested work from the ancient world to be very interesting, considering it is always being disputed and other works, like Shakespeare, as you stated, are never disputed. Obviously the subject matter is the reason. It strikes a cord with people.
Personally I find all of this information so fortifying to my faith. It truly goes to show that God didn't want us to just have "blind faith." He wouldn't have provided so many of these things if that were the case.
Thank you for your work,

AKron, Ohio

Pastor Adam Barton

Thanks for your interest. Good point about nobody disputing other ancient text. Indeed, the subject matter is the reason for all the strife. You're right, the Lord has providing much evidence. Now, if I could just have that burning bush, I'd be all set. :)
Pastor Adam Barton
Akron Ohio

Jason LePard

Pastor Adam Barton,

I love this stuff and can never read enough about it. It's THE bestseller that has stood the test of time and countless skeptics. I'm looking forward to the next part...


Akron, Ohio

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